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Partners in Leadership: Insights for Senior Leaders and Board Members

Thursday, October 3, 2013
Boards & Governance
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If you’re in a leadership role within an organization as either a staff or board member, we believe that our upcoming Montreal Forum: Partners in Leadership on Thursday, November 7 is time well invested in learning from the latest sector research and peer-to-peer networking.

In the continually evolving environment in which charities and nonprofits operate, it is essential for the leaders of sector organizations to make the best possible decisions to ensure the ongoing success of their organizations. Having the right data, knowing how to leverage networks effectively, and learning from the collective experiences of others are part of a necessary toolkit which enables senior leaders and board members to make informed decisions.

In addition to the informed decision-making pressures that many sector leaders face, they must do so within the constraints of limited time. Senior leaders and board members only have so much time to budget in their busy days so they must do so wisely. It’s a balancing act that keeps many of them up at night. Anything to help them maximize the time spent gaining information and insights is extremely valuable.

The senior leader perspective

I would like to emphasize the importance of the Forum to my fellow leadership colleagues. It will give you a holistic view of how the sector has evolved within recent years. As well, it will help you understand how your organization fits within the bigger evolving picture — paramount in allowing you to step back and reflect. A worthy investment of your time as a leader.

Sharing your insights, and hearing those of others, often sparks the ideas and solutions that will serve your organization in the years ahead. Peer networking is a driving force among today’s organization leaders as a way to identify new and innovative ways of doing things. I hope you will join me at the forum so we can lay the foundation for sector wide initiatives currently under development.” 

— Marcel Lauzière, President & CEO, Imagine Canada

The board member perspective

As a member of a board, a day spent at a gathering like the Partners in Leadership Forum will allow you to gain valuable insights into the sector as a whole. Something which most of us don’t have access to in our regular work lives.

The time you spend will help you become an even more successful ambassador for the organization to which you volunteer your time and talent. Based on your dual role, your work and volunteer experience intersect allowing you to bring a fresh perspective to Forum discussions. I encourage you to attend to strengthen your contribution to your organization as we work towards a shared awareness and understanding of the charitable and nonprofit sector.” 

— Stéphane Vaillancourt, Board Chair, Imagine Canada

The richness of this opportunity is directly proportional to the engagement of the participants and as you will see in the agenda, it is definitely designed to be forward-thinking and is balanced between reflections and moving toward action. We hope you will immediately be able to incorporate what you have learned within your organization’s operations.

Regardless of your leadership role within an organization, either as a staff or board member, we believe that this one day event will serve you well. Now in its third year, the Montreal Forum has proven to be an “excellent event” based on post-event participant feedback.

For more information about the Montreal Forum: Partners in Leadership, visit the Imagine Canada website. See you there!

Please note: While the information presented here is in English, all activities at the Partners in Leadership Forum will be conducted in French.

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