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Submitted by Malcolm Burrows on
Great debate. Thank you both for engaging and sharing. I'm with Brian, even though I am deeply wary of the "master of the universe" rhetoric of philanthrocapitalist cheerleaders. Let's be frank. The philanthropic tradition has always been intertwined with capitalism and the creation of wealth. And it has always had a healthy dose of vanity, ideology and unsuccessful projects. The professionals inevitably step in to guide the deployment of the philanthropic wealth. Just like Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Buffet, Gates, etc. I'm grateful that to see Chan and Zuckerberg's commitment to public benefit, even though it is poorly defined at the moment. One aspect that is rarely mentioned in the debate about the Chan/Zuckerberg announcement is the personal dimension of the timing: the birth of their first child. Kid, you are only getting a fraction of this wealth. We're not really sure what we're doing with the rest -- despite all the professionals who will tell us -- but kid, don't bank on receiving it.

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