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Fundraising is...

Fundraising is hard work. Sometimes you need a little inspiration. 

Everyone relies on you to keep the dollars flowing – it can keep you up at night and sometimes it makes you forget about the big picture.

Take a break from your busy day to share what motivates you and read the inspiring quotes we’ve collected. Tell us in the form below what fundraising is to you. 

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Fundraising is the process of seeking for voluntary donations from good spirited, generous and socially responsible individuals, foundations, corporations etc to support social causes that will help make the world a better place for this and future generations.

- Babatunde Fakunle, President, Centre For Sustainable Access to Health in Africa

Fundraising is an invitation to join together with others and be part of something meaningful. It is the ultimate opportunity for people to express their most basic need to be needed. Fundraising is the gift that keeps on giving.

- Amanda Miles, Donor Relations Manager, Christian Horizons

Fundraising ensures that charities can keep providing the programs and services they are committed to providing to the community. Many charities receive no funding from the government and provide programs that are vital in improving the quality of life of those affected.

- Sinead Shortt, Coordinator, Fundraising Events, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Fundraising is a chance to tell our story, a chance to offer someone the opportunity to make the world a better place. A chance to excite others about the important work we do to help kids.

- Vicky Jaggard, Community Engagement Coordinator, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Halifax

Fundraising is vital to organizations and charities so we can continue to provide our communities with the utmost care and quality. Fundraising is about giving back, helping others and PAYING IT FORWARD and to continue to do good positive things for our world!!

- Anita Riccio-Spagnuolo, Fundraiser Director, Harmony in Action

Strengthening connections & reaching out to sustain a vision, mission, mandate & values.

- Vanessa Hyland, Development Assistant, Ignatius Jesuit Centre

Fundraising is a dynamic process that gives us a front row seat to watch the great people do the very best they can for others. For those of us privileged to do this work, it is a noble calling that is the very epitome of servant leadership. While certainly challenging, the satisfaction payback of the fundraising work has a multiplier effect many times over that is unique to the profession.

- Michelle Campbell, President & CEO, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation

Fundraising is helping people (who might not otherwise) understand how they can make a difference, make the world a better place.

- Joan Eaglesham, Community Foundation Grey Bruce

Fundraisers are the bridge builders between those who have what is needed … to those who have the need.

- Anonymous

Fundraising is the most fun you can have while making a tangible impact on the long term health of an organization.

- Niya Bajaj

Paraphrasing from Dave Isay of StoryCorps, this idea struck me: I think we are about inspiring people, helping people focus on what is important. About creating connections that ultimately help us all recognize our shared humanity.

- Carmen Clayton, United Way York Region

Fundraising is challenging and inspirational work whose outcome is growing philanthropy in support of building a better society.

- Andrea McManus, President, The Development Group

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Fundraising is the engine of a charity. Its fuel is the generosity of our kind supporters that sets the wheels of our program staff in motion.

It allows the work described in our mission to be done, it creates capacity for a shared vision to be fulfilled and allows us all to live the values we aspire to.

A strong full spectrum fundraising program is critical to a charity’s success. Charities cannot live on golf tournaments and gala’s alone.

Fundraising is a vocation, it’s a profession, we need to be proud of who we are and what we do!

- Paul Nazareth, VP Community Engagement, CanadaHelps

Fundraising is a lot of work but it’s fun! If you share the values of your organization and you truly believe in its mission and vision, it can be very rewarding, not only for you but for your organization. ”You are the person that make things happen!” like Jerold Panas says :).

- Joëlle Payette, Adjointe au financement, Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul de Montréal

A measure of a caring society is how well it cares for its’ frail and vulnerable. Fundraising is building a compassionate community, who understands their responsibility in supporting those in need.

- Pamela Blackwood, Executive Director, McNally House Hospice

Fundraising is blood, sweat and tears.

- Navin Parekh, President, CanUgan Disability Support

Fundraising is a way of engaging Canadians in doing something for no other reason than the love of humanity.

- Shakeel Bharmal, Director of Operations and Resource Development, Aga Khan Foundation Canada

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Fundraising is helping people that have lost their way, fallen into unforeseen circumstances, or have suffered health issues that has changed their lives.

- Kay Robinson, Community Voice Mail, PG Metis Housing

Fundraising is gathering voluntary contributions of money or resources. Effort designed to raise a specified sum of money within a defined time period to meet the varied asset-building needs of an organization that would support their mission and vision.

- David Green, Executive Director, Free For All Foundation

Fundraising is something I GET to do. Not HAVE to do or NEED to do. Certainly never something I SHOULD do. Fundamentally, fundraising is inherent aspect of nonprofit work, rooted in positive frame of mind.

- Joe Henschel, Associate Director, Alberta Ecotrust

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Fundraising is growing communities to care for one another.

- Anonymous

Fundraising is being the bridge to connect a person’s hopes and dreams for a better world to someone who can bring those hopes and dreams to life.

- William Pratt, Executive Director, iDE Canada

Fundraising is meeting goals by inspiring other to donate to a specifics cause, group, or organization. Your all has to be involved to achieve fundraising goals.

- Denise Morgan, A Bright Beginning Childcare

To me, fundraising is about inspiring others to believe that they can indeed have a positive impact on the world, and those living in it who are at a disadvantage, with what they already possess. Whether it be through the offering of donations, volunteerism or any other gesture that demonstrates their love of others.

- Sumera Quadri, Former Philanthropy Officer

Fundraising is knowing that every day I get to wake up and know I am in some small way making a difference in our world.

- Jill Didow, Executive Director, REALTORS Community Foundation

Fundraising is the privilege of linking great causes with those who have the desire to address them.”

- Mike Meadows, Director, Corporate Engagement and Membership, Imagine Canada

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Fundraising is dreaming big and inviting people to come along for the ride.”

- Paul Anderson, Stakeholder and Public Relations Coordinator, CIVIX

Fundraising is…

Difficult and rewarding.

Strategic and serendipitous.

Necessary and under-appreciated.

Personal and professional.

A beginning!”

- Jill Harrington, Community Relations, MUHC Foundation

Fundraising is about satisfying ones need to make change and giving others an opportunity to make a positive difference.”

- Andrea Peca, Development Coordinator, Peel Children’s Centre 

Fundraising is about community engagement!”

- Marcel Lauzière, Executive Director, The Lawson Foundation

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