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I have been on about 25 boards of directors. Most, and I believe most of Canada's Boards of Directors do not have the expertise to do CEO evaluations. Because someone is the Chair, or other board position, or head of HR Committee, does not mean they have any qualifications or experience to do human resources evaluations. "External" or internal reviews involving peers have long since been dropped due to the significant number of CEO resignations that ensued. Peer reviews end up being staff opinions, a recipe for disaster when a CEO has to monitor and evaluate staff performance. If the staff was able to evaluate CEOs they would be CEOs. Same for the Board Members. It is like the old adage "they who cannot do - teach". We need to look at a whole new way to evaluate CEOs. Should it be done to be seen to be done? So was zero budget accounting and numerous other "must-dos" over time. Or, maybe we need to find a new way, one less fraught for both boards and CEOs.

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