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The report comments fewer and fewer funding bodies support core costs. I would suggest this may be detrimental to small charitable and/or non profits. Core funding perhaps is often targeted at larger organizations that may sometimes seen as having greater expertise. I would argue this is not always true. Furthermore I might suggest smaller organizations are sometimes more frugal with the money received, and more services may be delivered with the same dollars. In addition, collaboration across organizations is a great idea, but might I suggest collaborators are not always equal partners, as larger organizations often hold more power or influence over the process. As a last point small organizations are sometimes closer connected to the grassroots of the clients and/or purposes they serve. This may not always be true, but I do believe it is true that smaller organizations have greater flexibility than larger organizations. In summary, core funding needs to re-instated/be found for small charitable organizations. What do others who are in more of a position of authority and power think of my perspective? To be clear I am not arguing that core funding be removed from large organizations, but that their be room for core funding for smaller organizations as well.

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