Ethical Code

The Ethical Code Program helps you meet donor expectations and distinguish you from others in the field. The Ethical Code trustmark signals to donors that you comply with the Code’s fundraising and financial accountability standards.

Close to 300 charities joined the Ethical Code Program since it launched in January 2008. Imagine Canada is working with these charities to raise public awareness of the charitable sector’s commitment to ethics and accountability.


The Ethical Code Program is being merged with our Standards Program.

We are no longer accepting applications to the Ethical Code Program. In the interim period the Program will continue to operate and participants will be provided with the support needed to transition to the Standards Program.

Questions about the Ethical Code Program? Contact:

Karen Alebon
Manager, Ethical Code Program
1 (800) 263-1178 or (416) 597-2293 ext. 229

Founding and Presenting Sponsor: