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PPP Background

Why the Personal Philanthropy Project? 

  1. The goal of the Personal Philanthropy Project is to promote the message that Canadians can give - and can give more! The slow erosion of the charitable sector’s donor base (as measured by those claiming their donations on their tax returns) has created a greater need for a robust giving culture now more than ever before.
  2. Canadians of above-average means are unsure how much to give and very few, if any, have any formal plan for their charitable giving.
  3. Canadians, and especially those with a greater capacity to give, are looking for guidance and to have meaningful conversations to help meet their financial and philanthropic goals.

One of the starting assertions for the PPP has been the success of Imagine Canada’s Caring Companies Program. By recognizing corporate giving at or above 1% of pre-tax profits, the program has successfully cultivated corporate philanthropy. Therefore, it may be possible to achieve similar results with individual Canadians.

The Personal Philanthropy Project is part of Imagine Canada’s strategic goal ‘Ensure Our Relevance’, one of four broad directions being undertaken over the next 7 to 10 years. ‘Ensure Our Relevance’ embodies the idea of remaining connected to changes in society and proposes that we need to adapt our measures of success to be truly relevant in a changing world. It highlights the importance of creating an environment for innovative approaches to be tested and implemented, where successes rise to the surface.

A game-changing outcome of this goal would see a sector-wide operating culture that exists in which organizations use more data, information, research, and knowledge to make wise decisions. 

In doing so, the PPP endeavours to engage not only charitable sector organizations, but also those in the business community, Government and individuals. Ultimately, the goal is to engage Canadians to build stronger communities through philanthropy.

Our National Partners

  • great west life
  • Lawson Foundation
  • Muttart Foundation
  • RBC Foundation
  • Suncor
  • TD Bank
  • investors group

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