Leadership Team

  • Bruce MacDonald

    President & CEO
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 333

    Bruce served as CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada for ten years and prior to that as the organization’s Vice-President of Marketing. Bruce is bilingual, has led...

  • Cathy Barr

    Cathy Barr, PhD

    Senior Vice-President
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 306

    Cathy Barr is Senior Vice-President at Imagine Canada. In this role, she oversees the Standards Program and Research Program, as well as the Sector Source and Charity Focus websites. She is also...

  • Stephen Faul

    Stephen Faul

    Vice-President, Strategic Communications & Business Development
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 308

    Prior to Imagine Canada, Stephen served as the Executive Director of Second Harvest, an organization which collects fresh, perishable food and distributes it to more than 200 social services...

  • Michelle Gauthier

    Michelle Gauthier, PhD

    Vice-President, Public Policy & Community Engagement
    (613) 238 7555 ext. 225

    Dr. Gauthier is the Vice-President, Public Policy and Community Engagement. She leads Imagine Canada’s work to develop and implement a new strategic public policy agenda. She also seeks to...

  • Bill Harper

    Bill Harper

    Vice-President, Finance and Operations
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 233
  • Sol Kasimer

    Sol Kasimer

    Special Advisor to the President and CEO
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 264

    Sol has an extensive background in the nonprofit sector. He has been the CEO of YMCA Canada, Montreal YMCA, Altruvest...


  • Lynn Chambers

    Manager, Standards Program
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 228

    Lynn manages Imagine Canada’s Standards Program and has been collaborating with sector colleagues across the country to shape its development and growth since 2009. She is a nonprofit professional...

  • Brynn Clarke

    Brynn Clarke

    Manager, Member Services
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 299


  • Diane M. Ellison

    Diane M. Ellison

    Special Advisor to the President and CEO, Quebec
    1 (800) 263 1178 ext. 313

  • Brian Emmett

    Brian Emmett

    Chief Economist for Canada’s Charitable and Nonprofit Sector
    c/o Erica Ip, (416) 597 2293 x312

    As Chief Economist for Canada’s Charitable and Nonprofit Sector, Brian Emmett is tasked with measuring the impact of the sector and bringing economic issues facing charities and nonprofits to the...

  • Brittany Fritsch

    Brittany Fritsch

    Manager, Public Policy & Community Engagement
    (613) 238 7555 ext. 304

    Brittany Fritsch is the Manager of Public Policy and Community Engagement in Imagine Canada’s Ottawa office. She is a co-founding board member of JustChange, a microgranting organization whose...

  • Ian Gibney

    Ian Gibney

    Coordinator, Standards Program
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 318

  • Ann Gratton

    Program Coordinator, Public Policy & Community Engagement
    (613) 238 7555 ext. 224


  • Marnie Grona

    Marnie Grona

    Director, Marketing & Communications
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 244

    Marnie Grona is the Director, Marketing and Communications for Imagine Canada and is responsible for the organization’s communications and marketing which includes brand management, media...

  • Shanti Hadioetomo

    Shanti Hadioetomo

    Graphic Design Coordinator
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 311

  • Lisa Hartford

    Lisa Hartford

    Communications Manager
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 301

    Lisa Hartford joined Imagine Canada in 2003, and is responsible for program communications. She has more than 14 years’ experience in the charitable sector, which included a volunteer position on...

  • Devon Hurvid

    Devon Hurvid

    Senior Manager, Business Development & Grant Connect
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 257

    Devon leads the development and day-to-day operations of Grant Connect and supports the business development of other Imagine Canada programs. When not working or volunteering, Devon is usually...

  • Erica Ip

    Erica Ip

    Executive Assistant and Business Support Coordinator
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 312


  • Meg Kwasnicki

    Meg Kwasnicki

    Director, Knowledge Management
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 302

    Meg oversees special projects related to learning initiatives and information technology including Sector Source, Charity Focus, and the T3010 Quickprep.  She holds a Master of Library...

  • David Lasby

    Director, Research
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 262

    David has been with Imagine Canada since 2001. Originally trained as a Near Eastern prehistorian, his current research focuses on charitable giving, the size, scope and dynamics of the charitable...

  • Julie Lebel

    Bilingual Coordinator, Standards Program
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 319

  • Haley MacDonald

    Manager, Grant Connect Data & Research
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 320

    Haley is committed to helping charities and funders connect to form forceful partnerships to better our world. Her small piece in this process is transforming data into high quality, relevant and...

  • Mike Meadows

    Mike Meadows

    Director, Corporate Engagement and Membership
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 254

    Mike is responsible for Imagine’s corporate citizenship and membership programs.  He leads all sponsorship and resource development activity and provides member support to charities and...

  • Joan Mitchell

    Desktop and Network Support Specialist
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 323

  • Nicole Mitchell

    Bilingual Account Services Representative
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 305

  • Olena Panfyorov

    Accounting Assistant
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 316

  • Margot Porter

    Margot Porter

    Senior Account Services Representative
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 315

  • Farah Rafi

    Accounting Assistant
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 258


  • Bill Schaper

    Bill Schaper

    Director, Public Policy & Community Engagement
    (613) 238 7555 ext. 268

    Bill Schaper is the Director or Public Policy and Community Engagement in Imagine Canada’s Ottawa office. In past lives he was a political staffer on Parliament Hill, the senior policy advisor to...

  • Cornelia Schrecker

    French Language Translator
    (613) 238 7555 ext. 307

  • Galina Shapiro

    Galina Shapiro

    Senior Accountant
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 253

    Galina is a Senior Accountant who is responsible for general accounting functions involving a variety of transactions and records. She is enthusiastic about her work and is a strong believer in...

  • Toni Stockton

    Web Content Coordinator
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 255

    Toni maintains Imagine Canada’s library and various web properties. She has cats and loves to knit.