• Karen Alebon

    Karen Alebon

    Manager, Standards Program
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 229

  • Cathy Barr

    Cathy Barr, Ph.D.

    Vice-President, Mission Effectiveness
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 306

    Cathy has been with Imagine Canada since 2002, when it was still known as the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy. She spent five years as Director of Research, was the founding Director of the...

  • Michèle Benoit

    Manager, Personal Philanthropy Project
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 324

  • Lynn Chambers

    Manager, Standards Program
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 228

    Lynn manages Imagine Canada’s Standards Program and has been collaborating with sector colleagues across the country to shape its development and growth since 2009. She is a nonprofit professional...

  • Emily Cordeaux

    Coordinator, Research & Evaluation
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 303

    Emily first became active in the nonprofit sector 10 years ago and is proud to have worked and volunteered with over a dozen nonprofits and charities throughout Canada. Before joining Imagine,...

  • Marieke Dufresne

    Customer Service Assistant
    (416) 597-2293 ex 317

    Marieke is a new addition to the Imagine Canada team. Previously she worked for the YMCA’s of Quebec for 7 years and held different roles in the association such as...

  • Brian Emmett

    Brian Emmett

    Chief Economist for Canada’s Charitable and Nonprofit Sector
    c/o Erica Ip, (416) 597 2293 x312

    As Chief Economist for Canada’s Charitable and Nonprofit Sector, Brian Emmett is tasked with measuring the impact of the sector and bringing economic issues facing charities and nonprofits to the...

  • Stephen Faul

    Stephen Faul

    Vice-President, Strategic Communications & Business Development
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 308

    Prior to Imagine Canada, Stephen served as the Executive Director of Second Harvest, an organization which collects fresh, perishable food and distributes it to more than 200 social services...

  • Brittany Fritsch

    Brittany Fritsch

    Manager, Public Policy
    Currently on leave. Please contact Bernadette Johnson.

    Brittany Fritsch is the Manager of Public Policy in Imagine Canada’s Ottawa office. She is a co-founding board member of JustChange, a microgranting organization whose mission it is to accelerate...

  • Ann Gratton

    Coordinator, Public Policy
    (613) 238 7555 ext. 224

    Ann supports the work of the public policy and national engagement strategy. Before coming to Imagine Canada in June of 2009 Ann was the Administrative Assistant for the Research and Policy...

  • Marnie Grona

    Marnie Grona

    Director, Marketing & Communications
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 244

    Marnie Grona is the Director, Marketing and Communications for Imagine Canada and is responsible for the organization’s marketing communications which includes brand management, media relations...

  • Bill Harper

    Bill Harper

    Vice-President, Operations
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 233

  • Devon Hurvid

    Director, Social Enterprise
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 257

  • Erica Ip

    Erica Ip

    Executive Assistant and Business Support Coordinator
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 312


  • Bernadette Johnson

    Manager, Public Policy
    (613) 238 7555 ext. 322

    Bernadette Johnson is our Manager of Public Policy. She has an MA in Conflict Studies and a Master’s in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. She’s worked in the sector...

  • David Lasby

    Director, Research & Evaluation
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 262

    David has been with Imagine Canada since 2001. Originally trained as a Near Eastern prehistorian, his current research focuses on charitable giving, the size, scope and dynamics of the charitable...

  • Julie Lebel

    Bilingual Coordinator, Standards Program
    Currently on leave.

  • Bruce MacDonald

    President & CEO
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 333

    Bruce served as CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada for ten years and prior to that as the organization’s Vice-President of Marketing. Bruce is bilingual, has led...

  • Haley MacDonald

    Manager, Product Research & Development
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 320

    Haley is committed to helping charities and funders connect to form forceful partnerships to better our world. Her small piece in this process is transforming data into high quality, relevant and...

  • Joan Mitchell

    Manager, Information Technology
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 323

  • Nicole Mitchell

    Coordinator, Outreach & Engagement (Bilingual)
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 305

  • Nisha Oliver

    Assistant, Account Services
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 321

  • Olena Panfyorov

    Assistant, Accounting
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 316

  • Margot Porter

    Manager, Customer Success
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 315

    Margot’s consultative approach and her expertise about the charitable sector has helped hundreds of small and large nonprofits follow best practices in their fundraising. Armed with a background...

  • Mary Ann Quinit Ngoy

    Administrative Assistant
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 317

  • Natalie Rekai

    Coordinator, Marketing & Communications
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 309

  • Bill Schaper

    Bill Schaper

    Director, Public Policy
    (613) 238 7555 ext. 268

    Bill Schaper is the Director of Public Policy in Imagine Canada’s Ottawa office. In past lives he was a political staffer on Parliament Hill, the senior policy advisor to a federal cabinet...

  • Cornelia Schrecker

    Manager, French Language Services
    (613) 238 7555 ext. 307

  • Galina Shapiro

    Galina Shapiro

    Manager, Accounting
    (416) 597 2293 ext. 253

    Galina is responsible for general accounting functions involving a variety of transactions and records. She is enthusiastic about her work and is a strong believer in life-long learning.