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Calling all board members

Calling all board members


Participate in this survey about diversity in charity and nonprofit boards


My colleagues and I on the board of Imagine Canada are focused on issues of diversity and inclusion. Imagine Canada and other leading sector organizations worked closely with Statistics Canada to develop this survey. Its goal is to develop a national portrait of board membership in Canada’s charitable and nonprofit sector - a first of its kind. 


If you are a board member, I encourage you to complete this survey. If you are a staff member or a non-board volunteer, I encourage you to send it to your board members and ask them to complete it.

Many thanks, 

Margaret Mason

Margaret Mason

Board Chair


Fill out the survey now


From Statistics Canada:

Why does this survey matter? 

The objective of this crowdsourcing initiative is to understand who serves on the boards of charity and non-profit organizations. In addition to collecting information about the diversity of board members, the survey explores topics such as what organizations do, who they serve, and where they are located. This information will help charities and nonprofits better understand how their board compares to those of similar organizations.

Your participation is important: Your voice matters

Anybody involved in the governance of a charity or non-profit organization can complete the questionnaire, whether you sit on a board of directors or are involved in the governance. Please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire and feel free to forward this email to your peers—the more people participate, the better the data.

For general enquiries and technical assistance 

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