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4-day work week: our experience so far
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Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 6: A Global Perspective of the Nonprofit Sector: England

In this episode, we hear perspectives from a counterpart organization, the National Council for Voluntary Organizations (NCVO), which supports the nonprofit sector in England.

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Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 5: Nonprofit sector federal budget 2023 analysis

This week’s episode is a special discussion about the federal budget that was tabled on March 28.

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Our take on the new CRA guidance about funding non-charities

If you’ve been active in nonprofit sector policy, you’ve likely heard the phrase “direction and control” use

Chantal Edwards

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Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 4: Nonprofit workforce through the immigrant experience

This week on the podcast we’re grateful to chat with Debbie Douglas, Executive Director of OCASI - the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, about the nonprofit workforce through the lens of the immigrant experience. 

Broad Reach Canada

Federal budget 2023 - What is the nonprofit sector asking for?

The release of the 2023 Federal Budget is just around the corner. This year organizations had a whopping six months (!) to share their thoughts on the government's federal spending priorities with members of the Standing Committee of Finance. 

Chantal Edwards

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Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 3: Decent work

This week on the podcast, with our guest Annika Voltan of Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia, we’re discussing work-life balance and the rise of the 4 day work week.

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4-day work week: our experience so far

Since we launched our 4-day work week pilot in January 2023, we have been contacted by numerous organizations seeking advice and guidance on how to make it a reality for their own organizations, or determine if it is right for them.

Bruce MacDonald