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Why charities need a home in government
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Top blog posts from Imagine Canada in 2018

As the year winds down, we thought we'd share the Imagine Canada blog's top ten most-viewed posts of the year. 

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How to Redefine "Innovation" and Transform Your Charity's Work

For better or worse, the nonprofit sector has become obsessed with the concept of innovation.

Devon Hurvid

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Because You Fund Me… 5 Celebrity Funders You Can Find With Grant Connect

Which celebrity foundation could be the funder of your next grant application?

What is P2D2A?

Can I Engage In Political Advocacy? 3 Things Charities Need To Know

If you hear people referring to P2D2A, it’s not the latest Star Wars droid, but shorthand for your public policy activities.

Bill Schaper

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Changes in corporate giving in Canada

This week, we release a study which looks into the ongoing evolution of corporate giving, and what this means for Canadian companies and nonprofit organizations.

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Strengthening your workplace culture - part 2: implementing an evaluation process

Understanding what behaviours to look for is key in evaluating staff contributions to workplace culture. 

Kate Azizova

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Why charities need a home in government

When farmers need a policy solution to a problem they’re facing, they can approach Agriculture Canada. Artists looking for support for a new project turn their attention to Heritage Canada.

Emily Jensen

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Corporate Community Investment in Canada - Read the 2019 report

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