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Budget 2021 advocacy efforts & other policy updates

Budget 2021 advocacy efforts & other policy updates


Federal budget expected April 19

The government has announced that the federal budget will be tabled April 19. Imagine Canada continues to advocate for measures to address the financial hit experienced by nonprofits and charities this last year. This includes the extension and adaptation of emergency support measures including the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (see our recommendations here and here; core operating support for organizations expressing need; and finally a 1:1 matching donations program. Other measures we are advancing include changes to direction & control requirements, see the full list in our pre-budget submission

Targeted measures for under-supported nonprofits and charities

Based on new research revealing the current experience of organizations nationwide, we have refined our recommendation for core operating support to focus on organizations most in need. Data shows that small and medium sized organizations that are locally-based, and focus on serving one or a few targeted populations are facing greater with capacity and organizational sustainability than are provincial and national organizations serving the general public. 

Our government relations activities have been focused on ensuring that officials take this research into account as they develop the federal budget. 

Release of new statistical information on the nonprofit sector

On March 29, Statistics Canada released new data on Canada’s charitable & nonprofit sector with quarterly snapshots of our macro-economic performance throughout the pandemic. While we welcome this data, we continue to advocate for Statistics Canada to be given a clear mandate and adequate funding to regularly collect data on a range of dimensions and topics related to the health, activity, and contributions of our sector. 

Stay tuned for analysis of this new data. 

The government responds to Catalyst for Change

On March 31, the government tabled its response to the Senate’s 2018 report on its study of the charitable sector. We will review and provide analysis in the days and weeks to come.