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Grant Stewardship Checklist

Grant Stewardship Checklist cover

Grant Stewardship Checklist

So you’ve won (or lost) your grant. Now what?

You’ve crossed your ‘t’s’ and dotted your ‘i’s’ on your most recent grant application. One of two things will happen. You’re going to get it, or you’re not.

While most information available deals with how to craft a winning application, Imagine Canada's Grant Connect and Keela have teamed up to fill in the blanks for what happens after.

This robust checklist runs through the nitty-gritty details of what to do once your grant application is accepted (or not!), including the critical job of stewardship. Use it to ensure you’re cultivating the best possible relationships with funders and to make your next application even better – regardless of the outcome.



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Grounding perspectives for B3 orgs on grantseeking and grant writing

Most nonprofits – particularly Black-led, Black-focused, and Black-serving organizations, groups, and networks (B3s) – operate in precarious financial positions. Many are faced with capacity and system-related barriers, as well as increasing demands for accountability and unrealistic expectations for demonstrating impact.

Yonatan Ghebray (Guest Author)

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