• Imagine a Canada where charities work to build more vibrant and prosperous communities.

    That's what we imagine when we Imagine Canada.
  • The Narrative

    A new Narrative for the sector.

    The charitable sector in Canada has a remarkable story to tell. What's your story?
  • How many ways have you been touched by a charity today?

    It may be more than you think.

Thanks for Stretching with us!

We may not have got the Stretch Tax Credit this year, but the government heard you loud and clear.

We’re at third and goal, and we’ll keep pressing for action.


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Would you know a charity if it hit you in the face? 

We asked students to tell us how they would tell Canadians about the impact of the charitable sector. Their submissions have formed the basis of our A Charity Was Here campaign.


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Guide to Giving

Myth: Examining fundraising and administrative costs is the best way to evaluate a charity.

Truth: There are many considerations when deciding to support a charity. Our Guide to Giving contains practical advice about making giving decisions and explains that responsible and transparent spending is critical when delivering programs and services. Real impact requires real investment.

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Guide to Giving