Standards Program

The Standards Program awards accreditation to charities and nonprofits that demonstrate excellence in five areas of operations. To date, more than 160 organizations have invested in trust!

Invest in what matters. Invest in trust.

Trust is the foundation for what matters to charities and nonprofits, their stakeholders and those who support them. From start to accreditation, trust is the guiding principle of your Standards journey. Your organization’s investment in the Standards Program is your investment in trust. And, when your organization invests in trust, you can confidently tell others to, “invest in us.”

With donor expectations for accountability and transparency from charitable organizations on the rise, Imagine Canada’s accreditation program builds confidence among donors and prospective donors. The Stop is proud to be counted among organizations who have met these standards of excellence.”
~ Cheryl Roddick, Director of Development, The Stop Community Food Centre

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Designed with your organization in mind

The charitable and nonprofit sector is vast and varied with organizations of different sizes, focus, and resources. To keep the Standards as accessible as possible the process and fees have been designed with this in mind. Find out more.

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