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Unrestricted Funding
Trust & Impact: Funders' Perspectives on Unrestricted Funding

A shift towards increasing unrestricted funding started to emerge during the pandemic, with foundations and corporate funders recognizing the need for flexibility and increased equity. Will this trend lead to long-term changes? 

This new study sheds light on the lessons learned and encourages more funders to think differently by evolving their grantmaking models. 

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Newly launched
HR Intervals: The new HR toolkit is here!

In collaboration with sector organizations, we have launched a new, revamped and entirely free HR Toolkit! 

The easy-to-navigate site offers a collection of educational and ready-to-use resources designed to help you better understand, address and guide people management. 

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30 Years of Giving in Canada

Take an in-depth look at the giving behaviour of Canadians in this new report – who gives, how and why – and how these trends are re-shaping the future of philanthropy in Canada.

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