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Federal budget 2024 - What is the nonprofit sector asking for?
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Let's Imagine Podcast EPISODE 18: Powering the future of volunteering, with Megan Conway

With our guest Megan Conway, President & CEO of Volunteer Canada, we discussed two major initiatives led by Volunteer Canada that aim to help address these challenges: the National Volunteer Action Strategy for Canada and the Canadian Knowledge Hub for Giving and Volunteering.

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Let's Imagine Podcast EPISODE 17: Why equity, diversity, and inclusion in board governance & decent work practices are non-negotiables with Paul Taylor

In this episode of Let's Imagine, we welcome Paul Taylor, co-founder of Evenings and Weekends Consulting to discuss the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion in board governance, and why many organizations struggle to actualize these principles.

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New Panel Series Exploring the Transformative Power of AI

In the first installment of the virtual panel series on digital innovation called “Building Tomorrow: Catalyzing Conversations for Impact,” panelists took a deep dive into the world of AI and how it is shaping the nonprofit sector. Watch the recording.

Chantal Edwards

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Federal budget 2024 - What is the nonprofit sector asking for?

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance invites Canadians to share their thoughts on the government's federal spending priorities each year. With the release of the 2024 Federal Budget just around the corner, below is a summary of what the nonprofit sector is asking for in the 2024 Federal Budget.

Chantal Edwards

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How equitable hiring practices can help nonprofits attract talent in a challenging labour market

Charities and nonprofits contribute to addressing some of the most pressing social and economic inequities. But having a social mission doesn’t mean an organization is intentionally and meaningfully incorporating equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) principles into its work.

Ellie Rusonik, Samantha David

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Let's Imagine Podcast EPISODE 16: Regulatory policy files on our radar in 2024 with Terry Carter

This week on the podcast, with our guest Terry Carter of Carters Professionals, we look back at some of the regulatory files the charitable sector followed closely in 2023 - such as the new guidance on qualifying disbursements and the alternative minimum tax.

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