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Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 10: Social finance & innovation

Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 10: Social finance & innovation

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Social finance & innovation, with Graham Singh

Photo: Graham SinghOver the last decade or so we have witnessed the rise of new ways for engaging in the betterment of communities by providing access to investment capital, creating public-private partnerships and expanding the range of possibilities for identifying solutions to complex social problems. In this episode, we are digging into a growing part of the mixed ecology that makes up social good in this country - social innovation. 

Social innovation is broadly defined by new ideas, methods, and practices for solving social or environmental problems which, once adopted, have a transformative impact across organizations, communities, regions, and systems. Since the current federal government was elected in 2015, it has also expressed a keen interest in social innovation as a way to address major societal issues.


To discuss this rapidly growing trend, we’re joined by Graham Singh, Chief Executive Officer of the Montreal-based Trinity Centres Foundation

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