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Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 5: Nonprofit sector federal budget 2023 analysis

Let's Imagine podcast EPISODE 5: Nonprofit sector federal budget 2023 analysis

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Federal budget 2023: What does it mean for the nonprofit sector? With David Coletto and Jordan Gray

Photo: David Coletto and Jordan GrayThis week’s episode is a special discussion about the federal budget that was tabled on March 28. With guests David Coletto, Chair & CEO of Abacus Data, and Jordan Gray, Public Policy Specialist, we analyze budget 2023 from a nonprofit sector perspective, and more broadly from a social & economic perspective. Both David and Jordan are members of Imagine Canada's Public Policy Committee. What are the measures announced that will help support nonprofit organizations and the communities they serve? Are investments sufficient to help address the increased demand for social services and programs resulting from the long-lasting impact of the pandemic, and the rising cost of living caused by inflation? 

Tune in for a thorough analysis with our guests, and click here to read our statement on budget 2023.

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