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Towards a more just and equitable society

Towards a more just and equitable society


A statement from Imagine Canada

At Imagine Canada our mission has long been supporting charities, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs to enrich the communities where we live and work.

The events unfolding before our eyes serve as a reminder that the work of our sector is profoundly connected to the society in which it operates. Colonialism has deep roots in Canada and its legacy persists in society's intolerable treatment of Black people, Indigenous people and People of Colour.  

While issues of systemic racism are present for many Canadians, we recognize that this moment-in-time has shone a spotlight on issues of racism related to Black communities. We stand with our Black colleagues and Black-led and serving charities from across Canada for a more just and equitable society.

The events in recent weeks have focused our attention - looking inwards and outwards, listening to our peers in the sector, and reflecting on where and how we need to do better as an organization and as a team. We have opened our eyes to areas, both internally and in our offerings, where we are falling short of true inclusivity, equity, and diversity. We recognize this process of reflection is, in itself, a privilege. Last week we held a staff stand-up where all employees were given a safe space to discuss anti-Black racism and provide suggestions where the organization can do better. 

Coming from this conversation, we recognize we have a lot of work to do to ensure our programs, processes, and work culture are truly equitable—work that won’t happen overnight. We are committed to doing more than just sharing words.  We will seek to ground this work in self-education and meaningful relationships with our sector colleagues among Black, Indigenous and People of Colour organizations and communities. We will accelerate our journey and we will be updating you on our progress. 

We know we must do more. As a sector, as an organization and as community members. Our vision is of a charitable and nonprofit sector that uplifts everyone through strong, diverse, and inclusive communities. 

Here are a few resources that have helped us on this journey the past week as well as a few organizations you might be interested in supporting.



In solidarity,

The Imagine Canada Team