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Nonprofits brief MPS on impact of key legislation

Nonprofits brief MPS on impact of key legislation

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Sector leaders visit Ottawa to discuss why Canada needs to give charitable and nonprofit organizations the flexibility to work together effectively and equitably

Ottawa, May 13, 2022 –  Leaders representing a broad cross-section of the Canadian charitable and nonprofit sectors have completed three days of meetings with MPs and Senators requesting their support of amendments to the Budget Implementation Act (BIA) which would address problematic clauses that are perpetuating long-standing concerns. These amendments would bring the BIA in line with commitments made in Budget 2022, and allow charities to work with a broader range of organizations in respectful, authentic partnerships.

Following initial excitement over announcements made in the 2022 Federal Budget, it became clear that the specific wording of the proposed legislation was - in fact - harmful, given the proposed changes to the Income Tax Act. The delegation sought to echo the initial goal of the budget commitment to allow charitable and nonprofit organizations to better cooperate, particularly in the area of international development and relief, and in supporting communities in Canada.

“The current policy puts significant constraints on charitable and nonprofit organizations that impede their ability to support those in need in Canada and elsewhere,” said John Clayton, Director of Programs and Projects at Samaritan's Purse Canada. “It is important to revise this language, to allow charities to be able to enter into partnership with non-qualified donees. However, the mechanism used to ‘solve’ the issue in the budget implementation language is actually harmful, and may have a net negative impact on the charitable sector.”

The delegation sought to highlight the importance of removing the paternalistic measures that charities seeking to work with ‘non-qualified donees’ have to undertake, and explained the technical nature of different legislative mechanisms. They also sought to highlight the critical role of the charitable sector in a continued post-covid recovery, in healthy and inclusive communities, and to Canada’s GDP, as a large employment sector.

Convened by Imagine Canada with support from the McConnell Foundation, the delegation of representatives from 12 charitable and non-profit groups, including non-qualified donees, engaged in a series of 25 meetings with parliamentarians and senior officials between May 10-12, including Steven Guilbeault, Mona Fortier, Niki Ashton, Lori Idlout, Gabriel Ste. Marie and Ed Fast. The delegation was also recognized in the Senate by Senator Ratna Omidvar. 

Delegates with MP Adam Chambers
Delegates with MP Adam Chambers


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