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Brand Guidelines

Grant Connect brand

Here's how to integrate our brand into your communications

You'll find everything you need about our product logo

Grant Connect

Download the zip file for all versions of the Grant Connect logo. 

Grant Connect logo
How to use the Grant Connect logo

When used electronically, the Grant Connect logo must contain an embedded link to

Alternate version

The Gold version is the preferred version. You may use the grey version if appropriate, the simplified version for contrast black and white display or the reverse white version on dark backgrounds.


In print, the width of the logo must be 3.25cm (1.28") or larger.

In digital, the height of the logo must be 20px or greater.

French version

The folder includes all of the above versions in French.

Logo exclusion zone
To make sure our logo is legible, the space around it must not be broken by any other graphical element. The exclusion zone is displayed automatically on all applicable versions of the logo.
GC Exclusion Zone
Superimposing the logo
The most common exception to this rule is when the logo is superimposed directly on top of an image such as a photograph (in which case the logo should be placed in a neutral area and away from the main focus of the picture).
Grant Connect logo superimposed