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Charity Management

Charity Management

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Charities, Sustainable Funding and Smart Growth

Through a series of scenarios that project the state of the charitable and nonprofit sector in 2026, chief economist Brian Emmett identifies a looming social deficit.

Released in October 2016.

Young People & Nonprofit Work - May 2017

May 2017 - Through a series of interviews with young workers, we gained insights into the experiences, aspirations and challenges these individuals face as they explore a career in the nonprofit sector.

Unfair or Unwanted? Competition Between Charities and Nonprofit Businesses in Canada

As Canadian charities face a long-term crisis of financial sustainability, they are looking at ways to increase earned income. At the same time, for-profit businesses have become more active in areas once thought to be the unique domain of charities. 

This discussion paper, by Chief Economist Brian Emmett, argues that for-profit businesses and charities co-exist in many markets, both benefiting from government support, and that tax policy has little, if any, effect on market shares and earnings of for-profit businesses.

Released in January 2019.

2019 Imagine Canada Annual report cover

We are implementing a long-term plan to fundamentally improve the operating environment for all charities and nonprofits, working together with sector leaders.

How do we change the very system in which we operate? How can we ensure that charities and nonprofit organizations thrive?

We do it together – by drawing upon sector voices, insights and talents: our collective strength.

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