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Caring Companies

Caring Companies

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Best Practice Guide for Caring Companies

Insights, tips and guidelines, this guide provides all the information you need to make the most of your designation.
If your company is considering becoming certified, download the guide to learn more about the certification program, the 1% benchmark, how to announce the certification to stakeholders, use the Trustmark, and more.


Profit, Purpose, And Talent - The 2019 community investment report from Imagine Canada

Competition for top talent is fierce. Companies are looking for new avenues to attract and retain employees. Imagine Canada’s latest study shows that community investment gives corporations a decisive edge in the talent war. 

Profit, Purpose and Talent: Trends and Motivations in Corporate Giving and Volunteering shows that employees value the community contributions of their employers, and that high levels of community engagement lead to long-term business advantages for corporations. The study also reveals that workplace donation programs inspire generosity. 



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Profit, Purpose, and Talent: Trends and motivations in corporate giving and volunteering CARING COMPANIES
Corporate Giving In A Changing Canada

To learn more about the employee engagement and corporate giving strategies of leading companies, download our new report on Canadian community investment.

In Corporate Giving in a Changing Canada we explore the rise of partnerships, the need for strategic disaster philanthropy, and tackle the question: is the corporate philanthropy of the past dead or has it evolved?

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