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Introducing the Let’s Imagine Podcast

Introducing the Let’s Imagine Podcast

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new podcast: Let’s Imagine!

With this podcast, our goal is to explore topics of interest to nonprofit professionals in an accessible way, and to have insightful conversations on emerging issues affecting our sector to collectively reflect on and advance social, economic and environmental justice. In each episode, a guest joins us to share their unique perspectives on a specific subject, with a focus on topics that can help advance equity, anti-racism and anti-oppression within our sector.

From policy priorities and decent work practices to trust-based philanthropy or the next wave of fundraising trends, each episode we deep dive into a topic, and learn from the unique perspectives of our guests. To kick off the first season of the podcast, we’re excited to launch the first two episodes! 

Advancing equity in corporate social investment, with Olumide Akerewusi

Corporate diversity training and donations are well intended, but perspectives shared by Black, Indigenous, 2SLGBTQI, South-Asian, and South-Asian Muslim community investment professionals, as well as Canadian youth aspiring to work in the field, uncovered fundamental gaps and blindspots in representation, intentionality, and leadership.

Image: O AkerewusiWith guest Olumide Akerewusi, Founder & CEO of AgentsC, we discuss the results of a new study on the influence of Justice, Access, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity - commonly referred to as JAIDE -  within the corporate community investment profession. What must companies do to authentically advance diversity and incorporate the principles of JAIDE into their community investment programs? Listen in to find out.

Game-changing public policy files from a legal perspective, with Terry Carter

Image: T CarterWhat recommendations for improving the legislative and regulatory environment for the sector could be ‘game changers’ in 2023? Public policy often moves at a very slow pace, but over the past few years we have seen progress on a number of key files - political activities, the disbursement quota and direction & control. What is the status of these files? What could possibly come next? To help us make sense of these and look ahead to the future, we chat with charity and nonprofit lawyer Terry Carter, Managing Partner at Carters Professional Corporation - listen here!

Join us, listen in, and together, Let’s Imagine our sector!

Your feedback is welcome! If you have any comments or suggestions for our podcast, we would love to hear from you. Email your suggestions to Émilie, our Senior Manager, Marketing and External Relations, at

We’re grateful to our Knowledge Partner, Carters Professional Corporation, as well as our Supporting Partner, Sage Canada, for their generous support.

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