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8 Fundraising Tips for Small Nonprofits

Are you ready to raise more with less effort?

As a small organization, you’re used to wearing many hats. But how can you focus your fundraising efforts with everything else on your plate?

Imagine Canada's Grant Connect and Keela have teamed up with Cindy Wagman to bring you 8 tips and tricks designed to help you streamline your fundraising strategy and focus your time on the areas that are going to have the biggest impact.

Use this guide to:

✔ Focus your short and long-term fundraising efforts

✔ Get creative ideas for easy-to-run fundraising campaigns

✔ Lessen your risk of burning out



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8 Fundraising Tips for Small Nonprofits GRANT CONNECT
Standards gap analysis tool

This gap analysis tool is intended to help organizations identify the gaps in their governance processes, and get a big picture sense of their progress toward organizational excellence.



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Hybrid Event Planning Template

Reach and engage more supporters by planning the perfect hybrid event.


As more charities and nonprofits organize hybrid events, Imagine Canada and Keela have teamed up to bring you this free template so you can stay organized as you plan your next one. Hybrid events are an excellent opportunity for your nonprofit to reach more donors, volunteers, stakeholders and supporters. 

Use this template to:

✔ Outline the tasks that need to be carried out when organizing your next hybrid event

✔ Prepare well in advance with our 12-month event planning framework

✔ Assign responsibilities to your team members and track progress over time

✔ Document your entire event planning and management process and create a reference point for future events



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Unrestricted Funding report cover

Many foundations and corporate funders across Canada have adapted their funding models during the pandemic to be more responsive, equitable, relevant, and effective. What are the lessons they’ve learned? Will this emerging trend lead to long-term permanent changes in grantmaking models? Our new report on the state of unrestricted funding in Canada explores why and how more funders are evolving their practices and funding models and offers insights into the rise of trust-based philanthropy.

Discover the perspectives of the community foundations, private foundations and corporate funders interviewed for this study by downloading the report today.

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Trust & Impact - Funders’ Perspectives on Unrestricted Funding report
Grant Application Management Template

Managing one grant application is a challenge. Managing multiple applications can be a headache.

Imagine Canada's Grant Connect and Keela have teamed up to bring you this free template so you can stay on top of grant deadlines and keep your ducks in a row; whether you’re submitting one grant application or twenty. With this tool, you’ll be one step closer to successfully managing your grant work.

Use this template to:

✔ Gain oversight over multiple streams of support

✔ Keep on top of deadlines

✔ Steward your funders properly

✔ Help with workload management

✔ Align your team around roles and responsibilities



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