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Federal budget 2024 - What is the nonprofit sector asking for?
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Canadians are facing tough times, but there are reasons to be optimistic

After three years of being battered by global instability, lingering pandemic issues, climate emergencies, and inflation, the resilience of Canadians continues to be tested as we contemplate 2024.

Bruce MacDonald

The image shows a snowy city street with parked cars and a person crossing the road, under an overcast sky.

What trends will impact charities and nonprofits in the first quarter of 2024?

In this first edition of 2024, we are going back to basics and checking in with some of the main issues that have been impacting the sector over the past few years: the labour shortage, increasing demand for services, and financial challenges.

Cathy Barr, Ph.D. & Emily Jensen

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8 (more) shifts in the grants landscape that fundraisers need to know about

Ahead of another year filled with both challenges and opportunities, we’re revisiting our 8 Shifts in the Grants Landscape blog post from late 2022 and providing updates and new insights on the evolution of our sector.

Malia Rogers and the Grant Connect team

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Five nonprofit sector perspectives from 2023

As we reflect on the past year, what comes to mind are the macro forces such as lasting pandemic impacts, inflation, the housing crisis, and constant environmental challenges and disasters that have created more demand for the services of charities and nonprofits.

Émilie Pontbriand

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Let's Imagine Podcast EPISODE 15: Leveraging social finance: case studies with Leena Yahia and Rebecca Waterhouse

In this episode, with guests Leena Yahia of Imagine Canada, and Rebecca Waterhouse of Raven Indigenous Impact Foundation, we explore examples of social finance repayable investment and dive into case studies of organizations that are using social finance to help them achieve their mission.

Pictured: A group of seven delegates speaking in a breakout group at a round table.

Leadership Roundtable 2023: Intersections of Nonprofit Collaboration, Well-being, and Economic Trends

This past September, the highly anticipated 2023 Leadership Roundtable brought together a diverse and dynamic group of insightful leaders in the nonprofit and charitable sector for two days of knowledge exchange, collaboration, and collective action, propelling the sector forward in these transformative times.

Sebastian Muermann

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Let's Imagine Podcast EPISODE 18: Powering the future of volunteering, with Megan Conway

With our guest Megan Conway, President & CEO of Volunteer Canada, we discussed two major initiatives led by Volunteer Canada that aim to help address these challenges: the National Volunteer Action Strategy for Canada and the Canadian Knowledge Hub for Giving and Volunteering.