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Federal budget 2024 - What is the nonprofit sector asking for?
Sustainable Development Goals UN Logo

How Sustainable Development Goals Will Impact Your Fundraising

If you don’t already know about the Sustainable Development Goals, it’s time to pay attention — because your donors are taking notice.

Devon Hurvid

Demystifying data

​Demystifying Data for the Charitable Sector

There’s a new gal in town and she seems to be invited to all the coolest parties.

4 myths about about young people in nonprofits

4 Myths about Young People and Nonprofit Work

There is a widespread perception that nonprofits face a looming leadership crisis.

Two women sit at a table looking through notes

5 steps for managing your Executive Director's performance review

Blog | Reviewing the performance of you Executive Director is an opportunity to check in with your senior staff and ensure that your strategic goals are aligned. Here are 5 steps for managing a successful review process.

Suanne Miedema (Guest Author)

Image shows people holding phones, paper, business reports

Opinion: Marketing is not fundraising

Blog | Marketing teams deserve a seat at the table in your nonprofit organisation. Why do marketing teams need to be recognized as a specialism outside of your fundraising team?

Marlene Oliveira

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You need a succession plan - here's how to put one together

Blog | Not sure how to approach succession planning in your organization? You're not alone! Find out why you need a succession plan and how to put one together.

Jamie Niessen

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